Promotion of art and culture

The support of art and cultural projects at Piepenbrock has a long tradition. The company's commitment is based on the conviction that art and culture shape society by allowing ideas to become reality. In this way, they design people's lives and offer a balance to the competitive work environment. Values are created around which members of society orientate themselves and in which they can find support.

Cultural commitment

Sponsoring of the Stiftung zur Förderung der Semperoper (foundation to promote the Semper opera house) and the Konzerthaus Berlin (concert house of Berlin) supports the retention and development of music and theatre. In addition to its commitment to established venues, Piepenbrock places particular value on the development of new ones. Its involvement in Osnabruck university's promotional organisation is an example of how young and talented people are accompanied on their way. Through the commitment of the Varus society for the promotion of prehistoric and early-historic excavations in Osnabruck e. V., the family-run business realises scientific projects in connection with the historic Varus battle. For over 20 years, Piepenbrock awarded one of the most prestigious sculpture prizes in Europe, which was started by Hartwig Piepenbrock's cultural foundation. Among the award winners, for example, were Max Bill, Eduardo Chillida and Rebecca Horn.

Piepenbrock art promotion award

The "Piepenbrock Kunst Förderpreis" (art promotion award) given annually by Osnabruck university is an important element of the cultural commitment. It aims to distinguish hopeful young artists for outstanding performance. In total, 90 distinctions have been made since 1994 in the areas of painting, drawing, sculpture, graphic reproduction, scenic art, media art, graphic design and photography. A jury filled with renowned art experts assesses the work of the students and awards the coveted art promotion prizes.