Levelling out the path to the future

For many years, Piepenbrock has become involved in research and educational projects. The aim of the commitment is to support young people and also find a solution to social challenges of the future.

Hartwig Piepenbrock-DZNE award

Around the world, millions of people suffer from neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia or Alzheimers. Even though progress in the area is continually being made through research, neither suitable prevention strategies nor effective means of treatment exist. To raise awareness of these kinds of illnesses and their severe effects on patients as well as their friends and families, Piepenbrock launched the "Hartwig Piepenbrock-DZNE" award. Since 2011, it is awarded with the German centre for neurodegenerative diseases (DZNE). Every two years, it distinguishes people who have made outstanding discoveries relating to the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases. In 2015, the prize, worth 60 000 Euros, was awarded to the British scientist John Hardy who was honoured for his work in the field of genetic causes of the Alzheimer’s disease. The distinction is dedicated to Hartwig Piepenbrock who successfully ran the family business with creativity for more than 50 years and became severely ill with dementia himself. In July 2013, he died of the effects of the serious illness. Further information can be found in the press release.

Year Award winner
2015 Prof. John Hardy
2013 Prof. Adriano Aguzzi, Prof. Charles Weissmann
2011 Prof. Konrad Beyreuther

Future day for girls and boys

Each year, under the title "Future Day for Girls und Boys", Piepenbrock offers schoolchildren an insight into the world of the service provider. Here, children can visit various branches throughout the country or go to the Service Center in Osnabruck and discover more about the history, range of services and social commitment of the family-run business. For a whole day, they become familiar with the different specialist departments and apprenticeship trades. One special aim of the "Future Day" is to give schoolchildren an insight into occupational profiles that are atypical for the respective gender. At the Service Center in Osnabruck, Piepenbrock's apprentices draw up a programme and support the participants independently. More information can be gleaned from the press release.

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)

Since 2007, Piepenbrock supports the work of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). Together with the association, the family-run business aims to give schoolchildren an early insight into the business world. Essentially, it is about promoting entrepreneurial spirit and creativity among adolescents as well as further developing their understanding of business-related topics. The network trains educational professionals in a targeted way as multiplicators and provides support in the schools with practically-orientated NFTE business courses. Under the teacher's instruction, the children develop their own business models and commercial plans. Piepenbrock promotes the work of the association financially, makes classrooms available and arranges the annual "NTFE scholar prize for entrepreneurial spirit" for Lower Saxony in its technology centre.

Co-operation with the Comprehensive school Osnabruck Schinkel

Piepenbrock and the Comprehensive school Osnabruck Schinkel sign a co-operative agreement in association with IHK Osnabruck (chamber of industry and commerce) – Emsland – Bentheim county. In various projects at Piepenbrock, schoolchildren find out about professional life. The co-operation is integrated in the IHK's "School – Economy" project. The aim is to make the transition to working life easier for scholars and support companies in the acquisition of junior managers. To do this, Piepenbrock makes various areas available to the mixed comprehensive school where practitioners from the company can share their specialist knowledge with the schoolchildren. Discover more in the press release.

Handshake campaign for socially committed companies

Since 2013, Piepenbrock is participating in the handshake campaign for socially committed companies. The project-related co-operation of companies or public bodies is to be realised with educational facilities and social services in the city. The focus is on facilities that care for, foster and support children and young people in difficult living conditions. To bring companies and children together, an annual project exchange takes place at which the project ideas are presented. Discover more in the press release.

Management Information Game

Playfully identifying economic correlations – young people have the opportunity to do this with the "Management Information Game" (MIG). Schoolchildren establish and manage their own, virtual company. In the process, they are supported by experienced industry experts who pass on their knowledge first-hand. The youngsters develop a strategy, which is presented to and rated by a jury. The aim here is to demonstrate the newly acquired company management, product development and marketing skills in succinct presentations in order to market the product successfully. The business game lasts a week and serves as a means of career orientation to the youngsters. Piepenbrock has promoted the project since 2007 and provides MIG with classrooms and expert speakers.

Jobvision training video

In 2014, Piepenbrock became involved in the project "Neu erleben – GPS-Berufsrouten Leipzig" (rediscover - GPS career routes in Leipzig). Together with Nilfisk-Advance, the Leipzig branch supported a project to develop "career routes" for professional orientation. These are linked on an online map to GPS data from other participating companies. In the process, Piepenbrock and Nilfisk helped young people to collect information about the apprenticeships on offer, which was made into a film. In it, apprentices describe what the profession of a property cleaner entails and what basic requirements are expected of an applicant. The video can be viewed by scanning a QR code or by visiting http://map.berufsrouten-leipzig.de.


Piepenbrock maintains close relations with the Comprehensive school Osnabruck Schinkel. In collaboration with the Jobvision campaign, a project group made up of grammar school students presented a self-produced image video in March 2011 for the facility management service provider. The aim of the campaign was to improve the young people's media skills and aid their professional orientation. During production of the video, the four-man project group worked intensively with Piepenbrock and the Osnabruck Institute for Training and Communication (ITUK). Before filming started, the schoolchildren gained an impression of the career profiles and working processes at Piepenbrock. The film deals with the company's image and the career opportunities available to young people at the property services provider. In interview form, it shows which goals Piepenbrock pursues and which values the company stands for. The schoolchildren made the image video completely by themselves, from screenplay to post production.