Not only bringing your own house in order

A company that has enjoyed economic success for a century also has a social responsibility – particularly, as is the case with Piepenbrock, if it is a family-run business that employs several thousand staff. Piepenbrock took this on board a long time ago and made the decision to reinforce the social component. Commitment begins at home but does not end there.

Socially active with Plan International Deutschland

Piepenbrock has been engaged with helping children in need in Laos since December 2010. Since then, socially disadvantaged children are supported in one of the poorest countries in South East Asia in a comprehensive co-operation with the child welfare organisation Plan International Deutschland e. V.. The aim is to improve the living conditions of the children, their families and communities by helping them to help themselves in the long-term.

63 child sponsorships

For every branch, every affiliated company and also the Service Center in Osnabruck, Piepenbrock takes on one sponsorship. These 63 sponsorships are a statement for a long-term and purposeful commitment in the heavily underdeveloped Pak Tha district in the north of Laos. Children, in particular, are very vulnerable and due to their age require a special level of protection as well as an environment in which they can develop themselves healthily and unleash their potential freely. This support is assured through the partnership with the international welfare organisation Plan International, which is active in 50 developing countries and looks after 1.5 million child sponsorships around the world.

Engagement for Pak Tha

In Laos, the aid is concentrated on the poorest communities in the Pak Tha district. Plan focuses here on educating the children and provides school material, training staff as well as the requisite infrastructure. The child welfare organisation runs hygiene, sanitation and drinking water projects, in which case the emphasis is placed on getting everyone in the community actively involved in the projects. With a sponsorship, a child and its family can be helped through the construction of a school or a hospital, vaccinations or access to clean drinking water.

Creating a link between the cultures

The sponsorships offer Piepenbrock and the participating affiliated companies the opportunity to create a link between the different cultures. On a personal level, this exchange should also be promoted through lively correspondence. As such, letter writing campaigns are held regularly in which the sponsors report about their daily routine, hobbies and family life through their branches or affiliated companies.

Piepenbrock Clean Water

A special follow-on project of the Plan child sponsorships is "Piepenbrock Clean Water". On the occasion of the company's 100th year anniversary, the family-run business in Osnabruck launched the individual project in which staff, customers and suppliers ensure that 13 villages in one of the poorest regions of Laos are given access to vital clean water. To achieve this target, the sum of 100,000 euros is to be collected and donated by 2016.

Precarious initial situation

The lack of access to clean water and basic sanitation is one of the most serious social problems of the 21st century. The current situation in Pak Tha is gloomy: health and hygiene problems are everyday issues. In the rural areas of Laos, beyond the traffic network, only about 16 percent of all households have their own latrine. Access to clean and safe water sources is problematic. A lack of toilets and basic knowledge of hygiene leads to widespread diarrhoeal diseases - especially among children. Piepenbrock has encouraged its staff, customers and business partners to become actively involved. Staff were asked whether they would like to donate a monthly fee of their choice directly to Plan International Deutschland e. V.. The voluntary co-operativeness across all career groups and on all levels of the hierarchy was overwhelming. Customers and business partners were also invited at Piepenbrock's one hundred year anniversary to make a donation to "Piepenbrock Clean Water" instead of giving them presents.

Secure water supply for 5000 people

The installation of communal taps and repairs to water pipes will guarantee safe drinking water for more than 5000 people. Furthermore, Plan will build or repair child-friendly toilets and wash basins for 1130 boys and girls at four schools. The village dwellers are actively involved in the project by being trained on how to maintain and repair the water pipes. Local workers use regional building materials. Each commune has its own water committee, which includes women and children, and which independently decides how much members of the community have to pay for using and maintaining their drinking water system. The project is to run from February 2013 to February 2016.

Fundraising tour "Handicap bewegt"

On 15th and 16th August 2015, Piepenbrock supported the fundraising tour “Handicap bewegt” by taking over the shirt sponsoring. In the course of this campaign, a group of 26 cycling friends covered a distance of 540 kilometres from Detmold to St. Joost in the Wangerland region. The building service provider contributed the amount of 1500 Euros as shirt sponsor. The revenue was donated to the relief organisation conAct e.V. On the occasion of a previous rally back in June, 16 members of the Detmold cycling friends had already covered about 180 kilometres towards Osnabruck. Most of the cyclists came from the Münsterland and the Ruhr district and got together in Detmold and Warendorf. Thiru Subramaniam, honorary head of conAct e.V. explained the background: “Our main concern is to support those children and juveniles in Tamil Nadu in South India who are neglected or without any opportunity to receive education. There, we maintain two children’s homes.” By now, he can refer to several successful graduates.

International child day

Piepenbrock apprentices at the Osnabruck site commit themselves for a good cause within the scope of the international child day. They collect donations for the benefit of preschools in Laos by selling chocolate sweets.

Year Revenue
2015 168.28
2014 126.87
2013 231.13
2012 200.89

St Nicholas campaign

Piepenbrock apprentices in the Service Center in Osnabruck have launched a winter campaign to benefit Plan: On St Nicholas Day, staff can buy chocolate Nicholas sweets and send them to their colleagues with a personal Christmas message. Colleagues who have been gifted the little treats find them at their place of work on time for St Nicholas Day.

Year Revenue
2015 300.70
2014 464.63
2013 500.39
2012 429.56

Numerous donation campaigns

Piepenbrock intensifies its aid regularly through various campaigns for donations to Laos. For example, the second series of the friendly football matches took place in May 2012 between "Piepenbrock All-Stars" and "F.C. Real" from the Osnabruck service company, buw, with whom they have a friendship. The new series of friendly games stood as a sign of commitment to the children in need. In total, both teams earned 2000 euros, which was put to good use by equipping the preschools in Laos.

The Piepenbrock managers' conference 2012 was held before the coming anniversary year under the motto "2013 – Full speed ahead". A donation of 334 euros to Plan International Deutschland supported the work of the child welfare organisation.

At LoeschPack's summer fête in 2012, the sale of t-shirts enabled 500 euros to be donated to Plan.

Piepenbrock apprentices in the Service Center in Osnabruck have launched a winter campaign to benefit Plan: On St Nicholas Day, staff can buy chocolate Nicholas sweets and send them to their colleagues with a personal Christmas message. Colleagues who have been gifted the little treats find them at their place of work on time for St Nicholas Day.

Every donation helps!

The project received important support through Piepenbrock staff, partners and customers. Every contribution counts and, accordingly, every additional effort enables us to provide even more people with access to vital water.
"Piepenbrock Clean Water" is a long-term effort. We encourage you to take part in this fundraising project and, together with Piepenbrock, make a change!
From a contribution of 25 euros you automatically receive a donation certificate. Include your name and address on the bank transfer for this purpose.

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