Physically active

Sport brings people of many different generations and ethnic backgrounds together and helps them to be respectful towards each other. Tolerance and fairness, in particular, are at the forefront. We promote these values in our society and therefore feel committed to sport.

Lilac-white partnership

For many years, Piepenbrock maintains a close relationship with VfL Osnabruck. Between 1971 and 1977, Hartwig Piepenbrock was involved initially as the vice president of the club before managing its fortunes from 1977 to 1996 as the president. Moreover, the team's home ground was called "Piepenbrock Stadion an der Bremer Brücke" up until 2004. Until 2014, the company looked after the needs of the third league team as a co-sponsor. On the occasion of its 100th anniversary, a charity match took place in the Osnatel arena in July 2013 in front of 10,000 spectators. VfL Osnabruck defeated the four-times German champion Werder Bremen by 1:0. The revenue from ticket sales was donated to Heilpädagogischen Hilfe Osnabrück (HHO) (orthopaedic aid), which used the money to have benches made for the Osnabruck area.

Sponsoring of Dresden Marathon

Piepenbrock is involved in running. For many years, the company supports the Dresden Marathon and has acted since 2011 as an official main sponsor of the half marathon. On the penultimate weekend of October every year, the metropolis on the Elbe is transformed into a mecca for runners – thousands of athletes set off on the race along the unique sights of Saxony's capital. Piepenbrock entered the race with its own team, made up of customers and staff of the company. For every kilometre covered, Piepenbrock donates one euro to the child welfare organisation Plan International Deutschland and thereby combines sport with social commitment. More information can be gleaned from the press release.

Year Amount raised Charitable cause
2011 € 1596 Plan International
2012 € 2212 Plan International
2013 € 1747 Piepenbrock Clean Water
2014 € 1874 Kinderlachen e. V.
2015 € 2062 Plan International

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Charity run at Rubbenbruchsee

Passionate commitment was shown again in 2015 by Piepenbrock at Rubbenbruchsee Osnabrück. A six-members team headed by the company’s Referentin Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement (sustainability officer) Patricia Klibert took part in the 4th edition of the charity run “Nobody is better than the Grannies” initiated by “HelpAge Germany”. Thus Grandmother-grandchild-projects in Africa will benefit from Piepenbrock’s donation of 2500 Euro. The Piepenbrock team came in 23rd – a respectable result. “It is always great to perceive the great social commitment of our ‘Piepenbrockers’”, Klibert summarized after the run.

Rubbenbruchsee charity run 2012
As the main sponsor, Piepenbrock supported the Rubbenbruchsee charity run initiated by the "Sportler 4 a childrens world" club. The money raised benefited three social projects in Osnabruck: in addition to the Osnabruck Mädchenzentrum Café Dauerwelle (centre for girls and young women) and the Kindertafel, the charity mentoring project for individual learning (EMIL) of the "Unikate" initiative in Osnabruck were pleased to receive the support. The Rubbenbruchsee run presented itself as an event for the whole family, which entailed an entertaining and eventful programme for children in particular. Arnulf Piepenbrock presented a cheque for 5000 euros for a good cause before the run started. Captained by the managing partners of the company, the Piepenbrock employees then demonstrated their athletic commitment by running relay for the whole twelve hours.

Football match gets hearts beating faster

Piepenbrock engages itself athletically for people with only one ventricle. With its factory team, the "Piepenbrock Allstars", the family-run business took part in the "Fontanherzen-Cup" in 2014. A donation of 200 euros was made to "Fontanherzen e. V.". The clubs helps children and young people who, due to a heart defect from birth, have only one functioning ventricle. Cases such as these, often referred to as "single ventricle heart" or "one chambered heart", involve an operating method developed by French heart surgeon, Francois Fontan.

Laces tied for a good cause

In June 2012, the apprentices at Loesch Verpackungstechnik GmbH arranged a charity football match. The event's entire revenue was donated to the "Elterninitiative krebskranker Kinder e. V." (parents' campaign for children with cancer). The apprentices donated a total of 3000 euros to the organisation, which supports children suffering from cancer in the university hospital in Erlangen and their families. Overall, eight teams participated in the friendly competition at the football ground in Altendorf and provided gripping but fair entertainment. More than 300 spectators were rewarded for their attendance: 17 matches were played, nice soccer food was laid on and 60 goals were scored. And the apprentices of the packaging machinery manufacturer also ensured there was something for the guests' physical well-being. Toys were bought for the children with the money that was donated and it was also used to help furnish a new room for the parents' campaign group in the university clinic.