Code of Conduct

We confirm in our code of conduct that we adhere to ethical and legislative guidelines. Overall, the code of conduct comprises nine principles and establishes rules about acting responsibly as a corporation. The contents of the code of conduct meet the extensive requirements of national and international standards. The document applies for the whole Group, each individual member of staff and the whole range of business activities.

Applicable law

  • We adhere to all applicable laws and regulations both on national and inter-national level.
  • When dealing with governments and public authorities we are always honest as well as transparent and we comply with the applicable law.

Trust and respect

  • We adhere to laws and regulations on human rights, fair working conditions, statutory minimum wages and other labour law provisions.
  • We object to any kind of forced labour and child labour.
  • We respect the personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of our business partners and colleagues.
  • We further a working environment characterised by respect and tolerance, in which the value of each individual is recognised and all business partners and employees are treated with courtesy, honesty and dignity.
  • We do not allow any kind of discrimination in respect to hiring and employment.

Financial integrity

  • We record and document all business transactions, assets and liabilities in accordance with the financial reporting guidelines. Fraud, theft, embezzlement, money laundering or the financing of terrorism is unacceptable.


  • We do not tolerate any kind of bribery or corruption. We do not let gifts, invitations or other contributions influence our behaviour or business decisions.
  • We carefully select suppliers and service providers according to factual criteria and make business decisions in the best interest of Piepenbrock.


  • We consider all legal and technical requirements and standards for product safety.
  • We see ourselves as the partner of our customers. We attempt to provide them with safe and sound high-quality products and services.
  • We adhere to the laws and prescriptions regarding occupational health and safety. We continuously check and actively improve safety standards.
  •  We give instructions to our employees on a regular basis in order to call attention to dangers at the working place.

Data privacy and intellectual property

  • When collecting, storing, processing or transmitting personal data we ensure great care and strict confidentiality as well as the compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • We are aware of the value of company owned expertise and carefully protect it. Confidential information is only intended for the named recipient and not for internal distribution or external publication.
  • We respect the intellectual property of business partners and competitors.

Donations and Sponsoring

  • We do not donate to political parties, individual persons or organisations whose goals contradict the principles of a democratic legal order or the nature of our corporate governance.
  • As responsible members of the company we make money donations and donations in kind for education and research, sports, art and culture as well as for social and humanitarian projects.
  • All donations are transparent and documented, i.e. the identity of the beneficiary and the intended use of the donations are known. Reason and intended use of the donations are legally acceptable.


  • In our entrepreneurial activities we equally consider ecological, economic and social goals.
  • We take on the needs of our business partners in order to support them in the long term on a mutual basis.
  • We pay attention to a responsible handling of natural resources.


  • We trade in accordance with the applicable competition law. Fair competition is the condition for a free market development with respect to the common good.
  • We do not make arrangements with competitors about prices, price increases, conditions or capacities with the goal or the consequence to hinder, restrict or distort effective competition.