Tangible sustainability

Our principles are the basis for sustainable, successful and future-orientated development at Piepenbrock. Our corporate activity is based on the three pillars of sustainability and as such pursues ecological, economic and social aims in equal measure. The requirements of our stakeholders form the requirements profile against which we would like to be gauged. For this reason, we act on their demands in order to support them as partners in the long-term.

Economic action

With the quality of our work, we gain the trust of our customers and employees on a daily basis. We have orientated our systematic, professional and integrated management system around our business processes and implemented them throughout the organisation. We view the comprehensive certification in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 as an obligation. With our financial might, we ensure that our customers can rely on a strong partner even in difficult economic times. We promote close relations and co-operative partnerships with our customers. Customer satisfaction and customer proximity are of utmost importance to us. We view ourselves as a "learning organisation" that utilises the potential for optimisation. For this reason, our specialists check established processes, products and procedures on an ongoing basis. We achieve innovative solutions with measurable economic benefit through high service and product quality, timeliness as well as competent co-operation with staff and customers.

Ecological action

We actively acknowledge our corporate responsibility towards the environment. Under the motto "Piepenbrock Goes Green", we arrange our internal procedures as well as services and products in all areas of business to make them environmentally-friendlier. In this way, we make an active contribution towards environmental protection. CO2-neutral services and machines are our vision. To safeguard sustainable environmental development, we have set environmental goals for the whole of the company. We constantly aim to avoid adverse effects on the environment. We motivate our staff to protect the environment at work and at home in a sustainable way. At regular intervals, they take part in courses and continuation training. Only by creating awareness, an understanding of the needs of environmental protection can be achieved.

Social action

People are the focus of our attention – as our customers, our staff and as a part of our society. Our economic aims are based on the responsibility for the workplaces of our staff. They are our most important asset. We acknowledge the responsibility we have towards them and strive towards long-term co-operation. For this reason, we offer extensive opportunities to become qualified as well as facilitate individual development and self-fulfilment. Occupational health and safety is an essential aspect of our integrated management system and is constantly checked within the scope of internal and external audits. To continually improve occupational health and safety, we work closely with manufacturers, suppliers, trade organisations, research institutes and the authorities. Piepenbrock acknowledges its responsibility towards its staff and also society on a daily basis for the effects of its corporate actions. We consider social commitment as well as the promotion of sports, research, art and culture as elementary and lived (core) values of our corporate culture.