Piepenbrock in dialogue

Piepenbrock adopts an active approach in dealing with the expectations of its stakeholders. The sustainability portal serves as an important instrument in informing about the company's actions, progress made and goals achieved. At this point, information is provided to you about the measures that we take in dialogue with our stakeholders. We present the relevance of the topic areas from your perspective, list the networks that we engage closely with and provide details about data protection at Piepenbrock.

Overview of stakeholders

Stakeholders Type Interests Dialogue measures
Staff Internal Workplace safety, income opportunities, working conditions, career opportunities, employer image, further training, communication Panorama, intranet, Piepenbrock website, staff discussions, staff meetings, code of conduct, works council meetings, ombudsperson for cases of discrimination, trade unions, courses, department manager meetings, conferences, anniversary events, office parties
>Publicity on-site External Noise generation, emissions, traffic volume, environmental effects, risk of accidents, workplaces, local commitment, economic strength of region Press releases, economic talks, networks
Stakeholders, creditors, banks, insurances External Asset investments, capital yield, investment risk, liquidation value, economic position, insurance cases, investments Sustainability report, press releases, financial figures, balance, networks
Competition External Strategic plans, competitive strategies, benchmarking Association work, trade fair attendance, press releases, website, networks
Authorities External Adherence to rules and regulations, quality of management, tax honesty, creation of jobs, social commitment Economy tests, auditing, work unit for financial control by customs for illegal employment, online procurement platforms, network
Customers External Offer, environmental compatibility, social conditions, quality, care when handling resources Quality management system, local contact person, networks, press releases, Panorama, sales/distribution management, trade fair attendance, central customer satisfaction management, auditing, customer events
Suppliers External Means of supply, delivery and payment conditions, solvency, co-operation, product tests, care when handling resources, strategic plans Supplier management, supplier self-disclosure, materials management work group, press releases, Panorama, code of conduct