Data protection

Among a company's most important tasks these days is to treat data from its customers and staff sensitively. Since May 2011, Piepenbrock has been continually building a data protection structure not just to embrace rapid technological development but also because of data scandals that the public has been made aware of. Piepenbrock works with data protection software, 2B-Secure, that covers all data protection processes in companies of all sizes and in all areas of industry.
In addition, the company from Osnabruck has published a data protection policy that forms the basis of its actions. All members of staff at the branches can find out about the internal document management system. Aside from the data protection organisation and data protection policy, they can find safety-relevant documents there.


Piepenbrock implements successive measures such as data protection commitments and staff training through internet-based courses. Even at the branches and the Piepenbrock Service Center, quality management auditors organise successful data protection tests continually. These audits certify on a regular basis that Piepenbrock has a high level of data security.

Central data processing

The Service Center takes care of data processing for all branches. Respective contracts make it possible to process data centrally in accordance with data protection legislation. Specially secured server rooms as well as electronic access checks ensure a high level of data security. Spatially separate servers and system backups make sure that data is always available. In the event of damage, for example, the business operations can be upheld. Central control of who is authorised to access the Piepenbrock EDP system increases data security further.