Ongoing exchange

Piepenbrock is in regular contact with its stakeholder groups. As a result, all stakeholders have an influence on corporate development. Many means of communication are utilised for the dialogue.

1st Piepenbrock sustainability forum

The 1st Piepenbrock sustainability forum was held on 31st March 2014 in the heart of the company's forest. Representatives from industry and associations were invited to debate the topic of sustainability in workshops and during a podium discussion. Contributors such as keynote speaker Prof. Michael J. Kolodziej, from the Alanus University of Art and Social Science, and Dr. Fritz Brickwedde, President of the Federal Association of Renewable Energies, provided in-depth professional insights. The sustainability forum actively integrated all participants in the two day programme, which dealt with various topics relating to sustainability. Further information can be found in the press release.

Piepenbrock sustainability training

Since 2012, the topic of sustainability is part of a training programme that all customer advisors and facility managers complete at the Service Center in Osnabruck. Patricia Klibert, sustainability management advisor at Piepenbrock, runs the sustainability training courses. In doing so, she talks about global challenges such as climate change, raw materials shortage and world population growth. Aside from the global aspect, the three pillar model is explained by means of economic, ecological and social activity in the Piepenbrock Group. For example, Klibert presents "Piepenbrock Goes Green" and projects such as the 63 Piepenbrock child sponsorships in Laos.

Year Course participants
2014 40
2013 119

Relaunch of intranet

In 2011, Piepenbrock introduced a technically improved intranet for its employees. The so-called "Puginfo 2.0" is updated by Piepenbrock employees with the latest information from all areas of business. For example, it is a place for presenting new colleagues, storing procedural instructions for cleaning agents and conveying expert knowledge. In this way, the new Puginfo guarantees quick and easy information processes. The topic of sustainability is dealt with in a special category. This is where information about economic, ecological and social projects can be found.

Information from managers

In monthly department manager meetings, representatives from the specialist areas present current developments. Since November 2011, the sustainability task force contributes at each meeting with topics from its area of responsibility.

Sustainable induction

For their successful start at Piepenbrock, new members of staff receive an induction plan catered to their individual needs. It serves as a means of becoming familiar with the organisation of the company as well as the responsibilities and processes. A fixed aspect of every induction training is also a brief introduction into the topic of sustainability. In this way, Piepenbrock sensitises its employees to its importance from the outset.

Year Inductions
2014 6

Sustainability in corporate magazine

Since the start of 2012, the in-house corporate magazine "Panorama" includes a category on the topic of sustainability. Articles about current projects inform staff and customers on a quarterly basis about the most important developments at Piepenbrock. With a distribution list of about 17,000 people, the corporate group reaches important internal and external target groups

Launch into social media

In May 2012, Piepenbrock took the step into the "Web 2.0". Since then, the company is represented on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Xing. Through these channels of communication, Piepenbrock addresses new target groups and facilitates stronger communicative exchange. According to estimates, about 80 percent of Facebook fans are co-workers of the company, which makes the medium valuable above all as a means of internal communication. Through Facebook, Piepenbrock employees receive first-hand information across the whole of the company. In this way, the family-run business reaches its workforce throughout the country – above all if they have no email access at their place of work. The channels Twitter and Xing are aimed chiefly at a professional audience. On Youtube, visitors again access to the company's collection of video material.