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Piepenbrock ties into its aspiration of thinking ahead and acting in an exemplary manner. After publishing an independent sustainability report in 2011, the first of its kind in this area of industry by a facility service provider, we once again face the "responsibility" that we set ourselves in the first version. We have made the conscious decision to publish the report as an environmentally-friendly online version. In addition to it being more up-to-date, the sustainability portal represents an additional step towards the provision of CO2-neutral services.

Since 1913, it is the trust that our contractors place in the quality of our services that counts for us. It is the basis for long-term joint success. As the leading provider of infrastructural and technical services as well as highly specialised industry products, we know that our success is no coincidence. Therefore, we take responsibility for our staff and customers, society and also the environment today in order to establish the basis for tomorrow.

As before, we rise to the challenges that await us in the near future: the demographic change of an ageing society, the foreseeable cap of natural resources, the progressive globalisation of economy and climate change. Corporate action, these days, must contribute more than ever towards safeguarding the livelihood of subsequent generations. Step-by-step, we are therefore developing a holistic approach towards sustainability management within the whole of the company.

In our new online portal, we inform you in detail of our understanding of sustainability. It is of particular importance to us to provide you with an overview of our economic, ecological and social activities. We hope that you will find it informative reading.


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