Employees are the best investment

The Piepenbrock Group sees its staff as its most important asset. To keep their qualifications and motivation at a high level, the company offers them continuation training opportunities at the company's own Piepenbrock Academy.

Foundation of academy

In August 2012, the seminal task areas of recruiting and personnel development were brought together and restructured. This resulted in many synergy effects, such as the assessment centre. Potential candidates are selected by recruiters in agreement with the respective superior and checked extensively for their suitability for the target position by the personnel development department. As such, direct feedback is provided that makes it possible to readjust to the preselection criteria of the candidates. In this way, personnel development starts even before the member of staff is actually appointed.

The focus here is not just on the external recruitment of specialists and managers but also on training and advancement of in-house specialists. In future, Piepenbrock will search more intensively among its own ranks for talents and support their development. Further qualification does not stop from a certain age, here, but is open to all members of staff.

Continuation training

In addition to external speakers, Piepenbrock relies above all on specialists from within the company for training and continuation training who can pass on their knowledge to colleagues. The external speakers are also available to course participants later to answer questions. The continuation training courses prepare Piepenbrock's staff comprehensively for the challenges of everyday working life. The personnel are qualified in three essential areas of expertise:

  • "Professional expertise": Relevant, trade-specific content brings staff up to the latest level of knowledge in terms of technology and procedures. Changes in the topic areas of EDP, personnel and environmental protection are communicated.
  • "Social skills": In seminars, participants develop their leadership competency by means of exercises, discussions as well as role play scenarios and practice communication in a target-orientated way along with conflict management.
  • "Personal competency": Participants look at their personal working style and are given ideas and recommendations on how to act.

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Structured employee advancement conversations

Piepenbrock offers several perspectives for its employees and develops them continuously. All employees working at Piepenbrock headquarter have the opportunity to hold structured employee advancement conversations with their supervisors. The annual interview is about the further advancement of the employee and an honest exchange of information and opinions giving the chance to work close together and find potential for further enhancements. Based on that dialogue the involved persons turn aside several actions to optimize the cooperation and make an agreement about the next intentions.

Customer advisors in good hands

Piepenbrock orientates its business activities around the needs of the customer. For this reason, new customer advisors in the family-run business complete an intensive induction period. In the first three months, they are prepared for their new task and trained at a "mentoring branch". Here, they become familiar with the individual departments as well as their areas of responsibility and learn about the range of services offered by the respective branch. This fulfils a training function and is not identical to the place where the customer advisor will eventually work.

A test of knowledge accompanies the induction phase. The test comprises a theoretical and a practical part. In addition, coursework must be prepared, presented and defended. The results will subsequently be evaluated in order that training requirements can be determined and realised individually for each member of staff.

Training courses for property managers

Piepenbrock's property managers are the interface to the customer and bear responsibility for personnel. The company prepares them for these tasks on training courses. During a basic seminar, the topic of "personnel" is covered in depth. Another focus is on cleaning technology. Here, the participants gain hands-on experience at the Piepenbrock technology centre with cleaning chemicals, materials, machines and equipment.

At the end of each training day, the prospective property managers complete a test about the contents of the seminar. If the test is passed, they receive a certificate. Furthermore, continuation training courses are offered with a very wide range of topic areas. The content covers customer relations and healthcare management, the latest organisational and communication technology through to property organisation.

Additional qualification for foremen/supervisors

Piepenbrock's organisational structure is marked by a high level of permeability from the bottom upwards. As such, foremen/supervisors have the opportunity to become a property manager. The company actively supports this. Workers who have an exceptional level of commitment in particular are supported through training courses. In this way, foreman/supervisors are prepared on training courses in a targeted manner for the position of property manager. With several modules, they learn about managing and promoting staff, communicating precisely and clearly as well as how to plan work procedures stringently. Lecturers from the operational field provide valuable instructions and information from their own practical experience.

Piepenbrock employee attains best performance during certification

Svenja Dirks has succeeded in becoming a certified property manager (certOM). Within the scope of the Facility Management trade fair 2013, she was awarded the certificate as the best property manager and one of the top five property managers in the country. The model that the certificate is based on relies on joint initiatives of the associations RealFM, SVIT FM Switzerland and the REUG Real Estate User Group from Austria. The property manager passed the certification test with top marks. Candidates who get more than 80 percent of the questions right during the four hour test receive the certOM.