Offers for talented individuals

Piepenbrock is always on the hunt for qualified talent. Throughout the organisation, we offer challenging and interesting opportunities to join. Further information and the latest job vacancies can be found in Piepenbrock Academy's career portal.

Training at Piepenbrock

Training courses Study courses
Office clerk Bachelor of Arts Business Studies
Industry clerk Bachelor of Engineering Facility Management
Information technology clerk Bachelor of Engineering Industrial
Office communication clerk Bachelor of Engineering Industrial Service Management
Building cleaner Bachelor of Engineering Machine Construction
Safety and protection specialist Bachelor of Engineering Electrotechnology
Safety and protection service representative  
Gardener for gardens and landscaping  
Mechatronics technician  
Industrial mechanic  
Technical drawer  
Electronics technician for plant technology  

Combined vocational and educational scheme

Academic and practical studies can be closely linked together at Piepenbrock. The study courses that are offered enable junior staff to gain a comprehensive insight into the business and technical sides of the company as well as a well-founded scientific education.

The dual study course comprises theory semesters at the university as well as practical phases in the company. Depending on the course of study, a broad range of specialist knowledge and skills await to be acquired and applied. During the training, Piepenbrock supports the students intensively and entrusts them with diverse activities as well as independent projects in various specialist departments.


For higher than average university graduates, the ideal way to start in the company is through a traineeship. As trainees, talented young individuals learn about the different departments of the company and, in doing so, are ideally equipped for future specialist and management tasks. For optimal preparation, they visit network events and take part in seminars. In the process, they are mentored continually and manage their own projects from the outset.

Degree theses

The Piepenbrock Group offers many opportunities for degree theses/final projects. With support from a fixed point of contact, students can research topics hands-on. When doing so, the company works very closely with the students and their professors on interesting and up-to-date problems in the respective disciplines.

Work experience and student trainees

Work experience or a student trainee post offers the best opportunity to gain an insight into professional life as well as to discover personal strengths and weaknesses. At Piepenbrock, trainees are immersed in the world of a market-leading family-run business and are able to apply their theoretical knowledge practically.

  • Scholars find out for their future career whether they should study engineering, business or learn a trade. During their placement, Piepenbrock informs them in detail about development opportunities as well as training and study courses in the Piepenbrock arena.
  • Students can put their specialist knowledge to the test in practical terms and gain initial experience of professional life. Under qualified supervision, they become familiar with the work processes of the company and establish the best conditions for a successful start in the job.

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Experts for optimal exam preparation

With exam preparation courses, Piepenbrock offers its cleaning service apprentices the optimum framework conditions in order to complete their training successfully. Aside from courses in the company's own technology centre in Osnabruck which help to prepare for the final exams, they can also attend courses to help them prepare for the intermediate exams. The prospective building cleaners revise theoretical and practical topics in their area of responsibility.

Specialists from the technical management department deliver subject matter that is put straight into practice thereafter. Apprentices preparing for their intermediate exams, receive additional support from experts outside the company. Apart from the fundamentals of property cleaning, the material covers types of glass and their composition, basic cleaning of floor coverings and coatings, damp and dry cleaning methods, professional disinfection or operation of a monodisc machine, for example.

During preparation for the final exams, the subject matter also deals with chemicals and dosing, technical calculation and drawing as well as materials, machines and equipment. To maximise the learning effect, the theory is revised in the technology centre and consolidated practically on various floor coverings.

Sustainability concept developed by students from Osnabruck university

University students from Osnabrück presented which strategy Piepenbrock could adopt in future for its sustainability concept. During a project presentation, the students presented the results of their analyses and the ideas that they developed. Those Piepenbrock stakeholders who were questioned rated the "Corporate Social Responsibility Programme" as the best idea, which entailed the creation of places in nurseries by the family-run business from Osnabruck in co-operation with a charity organisation.

Here, the students considered the overall market of customers and competitors in Piepenbrock's industries and split these into ecological and sustainable companies. In a further step, the focus was placed on social and ecological factors in the business areas of facility management and cleaning services. Five concepts were examined in terms of their advantages and disadvantages and approaches for improvement were developed.

Piepenbrock cleans Osnabruck's Hasetorwall bridge

Piepenbrock sponsored the cleaning of a city bridge in Osnabruck. Four trainees removed dirt and graffiti from a large 1000 square metre wall. Another four Piepenbrock employees took it in turn to supervise the work. The campaign was among several projects aimed at helping to clean up the city of Osnabruck for the state gymnastics festival.

During cleaning, the apprentices applied a high pressure method using items of equipment that operate at a pressure of 500 and 150 bar to remove dirt from the sandstone slabs in an environmentally-friendly way. The trainees used only clear water to perform the task. Since it was necessary to remove graffiti whose paint particles were deeply embedded in the sandstone's pores, cleaning agents were also used. An eco-friendly approach was applied by the employees to collect and dispose of these.

28 apprentices trained in "partnerships"

Hastamat is involved in the "training in partnerships" project run by the educational institute of industry and commerce in Mittelhessen, Hessen. Here, companies have joined forces and share the subject matter for training according to their respective means. The firms are promoted by the Ministry of Economy with money from the European social fund. The educational institute co-ordinates the training and brings the firms together. In this way, Hastamat ensures that it has trained junior management staff in good time. The apprentices gain an insight into different companies at the same time.

A glance behind the scenes at LoeschPack

LoeschPack opened its doors in 2012 to potential junior staff. Two groups of mechanical engineering students from the Georg-Simon-Ohm university in Nürnberg and from the polytechnic in Dresden were invited to Altendorf by the packaging machine specialist to learn for a whole day about the working processes of the company. The intention with the excursion was to give young, qualified workers some inspiration about packaging machine construction. In total, about 60 students experienced an exciting programme. With practical examples, LoeschPack design engineers gave an insight into the daily routine. Students used the subsequent tour of the premises to talk to specialists at the machines.