Welcome to diversity!

With more than 27 000 employees, the topic of "diversity" for Piepenbrock is an important factor for success. The company employs staff from 115 nations. They make their personal contribution to the company culture with different religions, world views and moral concepts. When working with others, they bring various talents into the relationship and thereby promote innovative thinking. Only in a positive work environment can our members of staff develop themselves freely and release their potential optimally.

Co-workers with mobility impairments
Against discrimination

  2010 2011 2012
Number of incidents 1 6 2
The organisation has examined the incident 1 6 2
A plan to make amends was implemented 1 6 2
A plan to make amends was implemented and the results were checked in the course of routine internal management monitoring 0 0 0
The incident is no longer part of a complaints process (i.e. the case is closed, no other measures will be taken by the organisation etc.) 1 6 2

Number of women

At all levels of the staff structure, Piepenbrock relies on female staff. Here, different numbers prevail depending on the hierarchy levels. The first management level consists mainly of men. On the second level, the number of women is above 10 percent. In the largest group, the 3rd management level, the gender ratio is almost equal. Due to the decentralised organisation of services, this level of the staff structure has a high number of employees.

Management level Male Female
1 93.75% 6.25%
2 89.89% 10.11%
3 42.55% 57.45%

Recipient of "Pride 175"

In 2015, Piepenbrock was awarded the seal of diversity "Pride 175". Here, the career exhibition "Sticks & Stones" and Völklinger Kreis e. V. recognise companies and organisations who show a commitment towards equal opportunities and show appreciation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual/transgender and intersexed staff (LGBTI). To qualify, an extensive audit must be carried out. In six different categories, companies and organisations were required to provide details about measures against homophobia and transphobia, equal opportunities, promotion of LGBTI staff as well as support for transsexual/transgender and intersexed staff. Piepenbrock subsequently not only received the award itself but also two bonus stars for its activities in providing equal opportunities for LGBTI staff as well as its efforts against homophobia.

Piepenbrock signs Charta of Diversity

The Piepenbrock Group is committed to the "Charta of Diversity". With his signature, Arnulf Piepenbrock, managing partner, documents that the company promotes its workforce and appreciates its performance. The signatories of the charta commit themselves to creating an environment free of prejudices. All members of staff, male and female, should be treated equally irrespective of religion, age, sexual orientation and identity.

Diversity day

Since 2013 the “Charta der Vielfalt” (diversity charter) organizes the annual “Germany’s Diversity Day”. On that given day many different activities in companies and institutions focus on the idea of diversity.  In 2014 about 600 registered actions such as workshops, panel discussions or even flashmobs took place. Piepenbrock has been showing their engagement since day one of “Diversity Day”. Every year the employees called “Piepenbrocker” take a stance for diversity and a non-discriminating contact with each other.

Diversity Day 2015: I say “Yes“ to…
2015 Piepenbrocks staff expressed thoughts and headwords connected to the subject of diversity on paper cards. Those cards were brought together and pinned to a whiteboard. The big overall picture reflected the personnel’s diversity. Thanks to their creative input, the “Piepenbrocker” earned a piece of a cake, which was especially baked for this event stating “Piepenbrock steht für Vielfalt” (Piepenbrock stands for diversity) on its top.

Diversity Day 2014: House of diversity
In 2014 “Piepenbrocker” posted their thoughts, ideas and views about the subject diversity on a paper-made playhouse. The building symbolized the company whereas the inputs of the personnel mirrored the diversity consolidated at Piepenbrock.

Diversity Day 2013: Balloons symbolized ethnic diversity
At the Service Center in Osnabrück staff members let 121 balloons rise up to the sky. The number of the balloons symbolized the 121 nations all 27 000 Piepenbrocker belong to.
Arnulf Piepenbrock, managing partner of the Piepenbrock Group, highlighted in his speech the advantages of a corporate culture that is orientated at diversity. With their different religions, ideologies, physical requirements and value systems, every employee contributes an individual part to the business’ success.

"handshake" campaign

In the course of the "handshake" campaign in 2013, Piepenbrock held a job application training day for students with German as a second language. Nine youths from the vocational preparation class for migrants at Osnabruck's trade training college in Westerberg learned important rules for writing applications, had help in correcting letters and curriculum vitae, practised job interviews and found out what it is like at Piepenbrock. At the Piepenbrock technology centre, youths discovered more about the profession of property cleaning and were allowed to try out some cleaning techniques themselves.

The "handshake" campaign organised by the Osnabruck community foundation is about incorporating companies as well as social institutions and staff in the initiatives. The participating organisations thereby actively contribute towards improving the educational opportunities on-site.

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Inclusion promoted with integra MENSCH
LoeschPack commits itself to inclusion: In its canteen, that was opened in 2014, the packaging machinery manufacturer employs a co-worker of the integra MENSCH campaign. Since 2004, the Bamberg counselling project's aim is to make people with disabilities visible in society and integrate them in the employment market. An important element of integra MENSCH is the sponsorship system: The participating companies provide mobility-impaired staff with a sponsor who acts as a contact person and actively supports the person in their care. At LoeschPack, the topic is a matter for the upper management. With lots of passion, the business manager, Andreas Graf, assumes personal responsibility as a sponsor and shares the duty with two employees.