Good co-operation

During further development of the company, Piepenbrock actively engages its employees. Diverse projects strengthen the feeling of belonging in the company.

Week of sustainability

Many nationwide activities take place in the framework of “Deutsche Aktionstage Nachhaltigkeit” (German days of action for sustainability) initiated by the council for sustainable development. These actions are supposed to make sustainable subjects tangible and show that sustainable development is possible. Since 2014 Piepenbrock organizes a “Nachhaltigkeitswoche” (sustainability week) and offers its staff the possibility to participate in different performances dealing with social, economic or ecologic questions. During working hours every employee is able to take part in different sustainable activities. The offer is many-sided and includes for example presentations, massages, test driving an electric powered car or a free security check at a mobile bicycle garage.

Week of sustainability 2015

  • Test drive with a Renault Twizy
  • Neck and back massage
  • Mobil bicycle garage
  • Lung function test and hand force measurement
  • Presentation: Carsharing options in Osnabrück
  • Presentation: CSR Werder Bremen
  • Presentation: Sustainable Home
  • Raffle: Test driving a BMW i3; proceeds of 168.28 € support the donation campaign „Piepenbrock Clean Water

Week of sustainability 2014
  • Test driving a Renault Twizy
  • Test driving an electric bicycle
  • Neck and back massage
  • Mobile bicycle garage
  • Guided tour at Osnabrück Zoo
  • Presentation: Sustainable Home
  • Presentation: Cooperation between Piepenbrock and Plan International Germany
  • Presentation: Field report about the BMW i3 by Arnulf Piepenbrock
  • Presentation: Biking or Walking through the natural park TERRA.vita
  • Raffle: Test driving a BMW i3; the proceeds of 126.78 € support the donation campaign „Piepenbrock Clean Water“

Regional event for company anniversary

Piepenbrock celebrated its company anniversary with staff across Germany. This meant that the family-run business was able to show its workforce the appreciation that they deserve for their daily commitment.

The social aspect during the regional events also had a fixed place. In Dortmund, donations amounting to 1500 euros were handed over to the local relief project "Kinderlachen e. V." and also "Piepenbrock Clean Water". Staff in the south region had raised a total of 1913 euros for Piepenbrock's relief project as a symbolic donation. Celebrations also took place in the affiliated companies.

Friendly workplace layout

A pleasant workplace environment contributes decisively towards productivity. To create a positive atmosphere in offices, Piepenbrock creates workplaces with generous proportions. Large window areas create a pleasant daylight atmosphere, emissions from hazardous substances, radiation or noise that can be experienced during operation of office equipment are eliminated as far as possible from the outset. Desks and cabinets feature touch-sensitive, anti-glare surfaces. In all offices, the company places value on specially selected plants for the respective room and light conditions. A large company car park and sheltered bike stands facilitate stress-free arrival.

Comprehensive induction

Starting up is never easy. A new job in particular can make you insecure and nervous. This is why Piepenbrock considers it very important to keep the hurdles for new staff as low as possible when they start in the company. An induction plan tailored to individual needs helps to get to know the organisation of the company as well as the responsibilities and processes. After 100 days at Piepenbrock, employees have the opportunity to reflect on the experience they have so far gained in a one-to-one conversation with their superior. Aside from expectations, strengths and weaknesses are analysed, suggestions for improvement are discussed and a specific action plan is drawn up for continued co-operation. These processes are firmly embedded in the quality management.

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Piepenbrock workwear

In 2012, Piepenbrock launched a new range of workwear. Leading up to it, the service provider from Osnabruck asks its customers and staff about the requirements of the textiles. From the response, it became very apparent that apart from mandatory requirements met through quality standards such as "OEKO-TEX® Standard 100", the wearing comfort and suitability for daily use had to play an important role. Prototypes of the new workwear underwent practical trials for half a year at selected sites.
A smiley embroidered on the inside of the tunics welcomes staff to work and puts them in good spirits. The manufacturer of the new workwear also trumps with its membership of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF).

Bicycle workshop

Piepenbrock took part in the "German campaign week for sustainability" for the first time in 2013. During the time of the event, launched by the council for sustainable development, the family-run business made a mobile bicycle workshop available for its staff. Apart from a free bike check, Piepenbrock participated in bearing the material costs for small repairs up to an amount of 5,- Euros.

Health day for staff well-being

Piepenbrock held its first health day in 2012 in Osnabruck. An eventful programme offered staff at the Service Center many useful tips and ideas to promote their health at work. For example, advice on ergonomics and nutrition as well as a health check were part of the programme along with short courses about relaxation techniques and stretching exercises in the workplace.

Health day

Hastamat organised a health day in 2013. The programme included the analysis of balance and physical awareness with the aid of an electronic balance board. Then an accredited assessment procedure was used to determine the risk of heart attack of the individual employees. To do this, the heart frequency of the participants was measured and nutritional advice was given. Finally, the employees were shown simple EFT techniques for self-treatment and easy-to-learn relaxation techniques.

Fit for work

Every year, LoeschPack offers its employees ergonomic consultation in the workplace. Furthermore, the packaging machinery manufacturer extends this offer to include special discounts for the local gym. The sports programme includes a company football team and a jogging team that has already taken part in several events.

Company suggestion plan

LoeschPack implemented a company suggestion scheme in 2013. All members of staff are encouraged to submit suggestions on how to optimise work processes and work results. The company hopes to receive suggestions that include process-orientated improvements for all workplaces. In the long term, the suggestion scheme should establish a culture of ideas in order to promote staff creativity and get those who come up with the ideas involved in the success.