Carbon-neutral packaging for CO2-neutral production

"Carbon Neutral Packaging - Nachhaltige Verpackungsmaschinen aus Altendorf

Sustainability plays an equally important role at Piepenbrock's affiliated companies LoeschPack and Hastamat. There, we summarise our ecological commitment under the motto "carbon-neutral packaging". In this context, we have been offering our customers machines that are produced using CO2-neutral processes for a number of years. To achieve this, we calculate the carbon dioxide emissions caused during production and in the first year of operation. To balance this out, we plant a tree in the company forest for every metric tonne of carbon dioxide. One tree neutralises approximately a metric tonne of CO2 in the course of its life. Over and above this, the tree-planting campaign is a symbol of the long-term customer relationships. We presented the first CO2-neutral machine for the first time in the year 2011 at Interpack, the world-leading trade fair for packaging machines, positioning ourselves as a forerunner in the industry sector.

Also in research and development, we focus on sustainable developments in the production processes. For example, we ensure the consistent reduction of our consumption levels and technical optimisation of the packaging machines to enable the use of biodegradable films and foils.